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The Book of Mormon - From the creators of South Park
An unstoppable hit. Damnably clever and sharp.
It’s the hit of the year. Surprising, beguiling absurdity, and daring at every level.
The most talked about show in London. A blast of often goofy, sometimes glorious musical comic delight. This show is the real deal.
I absolutely loved it. Seriously inspired and absolutely uproarious.
The Book of Mormon is viciously funny. Spirited and refreshing; joyous and even cuddly. Its defining feature is a filthy irreverence – an infatuation with making fun of everything, including itself.
The most talked about show in London. A blast of often goofy, sometimes glorious musical comic delight. This show is the real deal.
I absolutely loved it. Seriously inspired and absolutely uproarious.
The Book of Mormon is viciously funny. Spirited and refreshing; joyous and even cuddly. Its defining feature is a filthy irreverence – an infatuation with making fun of everything, including itself.

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Saturday, 24 September 2022

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The Book of Mormon

You like your musical comedy edgy. You love anything outrageous. And you're a sucker for satire. This is no show for kids. It's grown up stuff. And it's bang-on hilarious. It pokes marvellous fun at organised religion, the economy, consumerism. You name it, it comes in for a highly satisfying pasting. It even takes the mickey out of the musical theatre genre itself. Now that's what we call brave!

Then again Robert Lopez is no stranger to controversy. He co-wrote the score and lyrics of the scandalous 2003 puppet musical Avenue Q, a piece that genuinely shocked some audiences and outraged the popular press.

Dreamed up by the talented Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone, the creators of the smash hit cartoon TV series South Park, the musical reveals the story of two young Mormon missionaries dispatched to a small town in Uganda to spread the word of their church and its Latter Day Saints. The innocent pair are truly shocked at the cultural differences between home and Africa and things get very scary indeed when a powerful War Lord threatens violence. The missionaries do their best to share their scriptures with the locals, but famine, poverty and AIDS take precedence and the pair end up battling their own beliefs in an attempt to drive change.

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Young Couples:

Funny and thought provoking but mostly funny
Brilliant show really enjoyed it
Daniel, 23 May 2022
just brilliant and funny
erkin, 21 May 2022
Helena, 20 May 2022
Good, some adult themes
Technical problem inbthe second half did spoil it a little
Gary, 20 May 2022
Woeful racial stereotyping with sprinkles of racism
There was so much more they've could've done to point out how stupid the LDS is. But they used a lot of the show to take a pop at African, making them out to be backwards and still living in huts. At one point a lead character called a black girl 'Nutella'. I just found it a bit racist.
Simon, 20 May 2022
Feel good musical
Left the theatre feeling fantastic.
maria, 20 May 2022
Very enjoyable!
David, 19 May 2022
A must see on London West End! Might be considered off side by some however will be considered a classic!!
Kari, 18 May 2022
David, 18 May 2022
VERY adult dialogue. Clever theme very well acted with some wonderful voices & choreography. We’ll worth the visit
Stephen, 15 May 2022
Décalé and hilarious
We had a great laugh. Highly satirical. Don't hesitate to go.
Delbecq, 15 May 2022
Must see!
JM, 14 May 2022
A mood booster
A mood booster and perfect for a night out with friends or family.
Ania, 14 May 2022
Dean, 13 May 2022
Still great!
We saw this show, also at Prince of Wales theater, 5-6 years ago. We were so happy to see several of the same actors , same awesome music but with a more polished updated look! Made seeing it again a real joy!!
Susan, 13 May 2022
Fantastic Show! Lots of fun
Very funny, I could not stop laughing but also a bit offensive. Make sure you can take it. Great acting. Very talented young people! Super voices. Clever jokes. CONGRATULATIONS to all the team!
Gokce, 11 May 2022
Really enjoyed the show, but don’t go if you are easily offended about sex, race or religion.
Angela, 10 May 2022
Hilarious show and it was great to see how packed the theatre was for a Saturday matinee. Not for the sensitive or easily offended but brilliant show.
Linda, 08 May 2022
Gitty, 05 May 2022
absolutely fantastic !! A must see !! Money well spent !!
Annabel, 03 May 2022
While the dancing was great, themes outrageous and very funny in parts, there was too much “camping it up”, cheap laughs sought by the annoying male sidekick, and overacting.
Linda, 03 May 2022
Great Show, big laughs!
Lisa, 30 Apr 2022
Very irreverent enjoyable had a good time
Niall, 29 Apr 2022
Fantastic and Hilarious !!
This show was fantastic and funnier than I could have ever expected. The acting was sensational, music incredible, and the comedic timing perfect. My husband enjoyed it a lot and he generally doesn’t like musicals!
Jennifer, 25 Apr 2022
Vibrant and vulgar - you will love it!
Chin Fong, 25 Apr 2022
Second time seeing it was even better!
I was thrilled to see this fantastic show again, and found it even better the second time! Hilarious, filthy, absurd, clever, raunchy, fun. SEE IT!
Sophie, 23 Apr 2022
Very funny, full of energy and we’ll performed but not suitable for children.
Esther, 23 Apr 2022
A fantastic theatre show that must been seen
Ali, 23 Apr 2022
Alison, 23 Apr 2022
Good fun
ravi, 19 Apr 2022
This is an amazing show. All of the cast act, sing and dance great. The show flows very smooth and well and you don't want it to be finished.
Beatriz, 18 Apr 2022
Absolutely outstanding, loved every minute of it
Christopher, 18 Apr 2022
So awesome, so spectacular, and especially so GAY
Anthony, 16 Apr 2022
I Laughed so Hard
So funny from start to finish, with the laughs coming from songs and speaking.
Mark, 16 Apr 2022
Beat Comedy Musical Ever
Amazing. I see a lot of theatre. Def. the best thing I've seen in a while. Absolutely bonkers.
Ken, 14 Apr 2022
it was so great! keep up the good work fam!
Rania, 12 Apr 2022
Bodgan, 02 Apr 2022
Hilarious and uplifting
What an hilarious and uplifting show! From the start to the finish we laughed. So cleverly written and superbly acted. Can’t praise Elder Cunningham enough- he was beyond fantastic. The highlight for me was him singing ‘Man up’ Seen this show twice and could continue to see it more. Congrats to all concerned.
Jill, 01 Apr 2022
Absolutely awesome
The best musical I've ever seen!
Vendula, 28 Mar 2022
Superb chorography and the acting and singing were first class.
David, 19 Mar 2022
Acerbic fun
Enjoyed the show. Some truly laugh out our moments and some thought provoking one's too.
Sonia, 19 Mar 2022
Adult humour, very funny indeed
Susan, 15 Mar 2022
Haven’t laughed that much in a long time!
If you are easily offended this isn’t the show for you. However, beneath the offensive words there is a great story and the songs are catchy, and creative! For me this is the best thing I have seen in the theatre and it had me in stitches for nearly 2hrs! Only thing I would mention is the theatre itself is very small and it was quite crammed. Also getting to our seats was quite unorganised and we weren’t allowed into the house until 10mins before the show started, which caused a large gathering around the woman's toilets which was quite awkward and hot.
Jack, 14 Mar 2022
A little risqué but great fun - if you don't take it too seriously
Stephen, 13 Mar 2022
Jacqueline, 12 Mar 2022
Fabulously funny, superb singing, dancing and acting and great staging and story. I’ve hammered the West End musicals in the past 4 months and this has got to be my favourite of the many I’ve seen.
Janine, 09 Mar 2022
A must see
Absolutely brilliant in every way
Athena, 09 Mar 2022
Very funny
Holly, 05 Mar 2022
One of the funniest shows I've seen! Amazing performance and just all round great fun!
Gemma, 27 Feb 2022
Absolute must see
Roisin, 26 Feb 2022
Just fun
3rd time. Always a surprise. Don’t miss it.
Michel, 25 Feb 2022
great use of colourful language ,it was slick from start to finish
kevin, 24 Feb 2022
Very funny
Great show, very funny and different from what I expected!
Anne, 24 Feb 2022
Ingi Hrafn, 22 Feb 2022
A laugh from front to back...
Well produced, acting was superb and the music was great. Should be seen by anyone with an open mind...luved the scene changes.
Neil, 22 Feb 2022
One of the Funniest shows I have seen
We were told to go and see this show by some friends We came as a late booking as the show we were going to see got cancelled as the roof of the O2 got blown away. The show it’s self was absolutely brilliant from start to end. My wife and I could not stop laughing. I would recommend this as a must watch for everyone. 5 star performance by every single Actor and Actress.
Nicholas, 19 Feb 2022
Adults only
Very clearly for adults only
Lesley, 12 Feb 2022
Funny, energetic, challenging
I was soo torn between offence and delight absolutely brilliant, cast were amazing, if u can see past the serious issues it was a terrific story which challenges even todays ideas of mission.
Jonathan, 07 Feb 2022
Very professional sleek production, if not all that it’s cracked up to be.
In a nutshell, it is a South Park episode but live with (rather uninspiring) music. The typical plot, the typical “shock-value” jokes. The actors, however, give polished powerful professional performances and the set and lighting are perfect so that makes for an enjoyable evening. Not for either left-wing or right-wing snowflakes.
Artour, 24 Jan 2022
I went into this show with high expectations, and they were exceeded. The whole show was packed with humour, good music, and wonderful choreography. The only complaint I have is that there were a couple scenes that used flashing lights, and I had to cover my eyes due to flashing lights being one of my migraine triggers. I would ask that people be informed ahead of time that there are a couple sequences of flashing lights so that photosensitive viewers are not caught off guard.
Annika, 20 Jan 2022
Dermot, 12 Jan 2022
Stephanie, 03 Jan 2022
Overall it was a great show and thoroughly enjoyed it…..I am very liberal and worked in HIV and am aware of previous witch doctor belief of sleeping with baby to get rid of AIDS but just thought this was too offensive and unnecessary… otherwise fun show and great cast!
Karen, 02 Jan 2022
Irreverently hilarious
We sat in the circle on row B. Great view and sound quality was very good. Thought the show was excellent, naughtily funny and professionally slick. However, if you are easily offended, Book of Mormon is not for you.
William, 01 Jan 2022
Very funny and entertaining!
First time ever going to the theatre in London and it far exceeded our expectations. Was very entertained throughout and highly impressed by the talent on stage.
Marie, 29 Dec 2021
Amazing show
If you want to laugh out loud at humour that comes thick and fast you should book to see The Book of Mormon.
Gail, 12 Dec 2021
Laugh out loud. You never know what will happen next!
Samantha, 08 Dec 2021
Really bloody funny!
Awesome show. It’s the second time I’ve seen it now (first time was about 10 years ago) and it’s really funny! Well worth going to see if you want a laugh!
Elizabeth, 04 Dec 2021
Hilarious and irreverent!!
The writing, acting, singing and dancing were all phenomenal! The three leads were amazing.
Gary, 04 Dec 2021
Yvonne, 01 Dec 2021
Wrong on so many levels - and really enjoyable!
Our second visit - so very funny. Brilliant acting and singing by all the cast.
Lindsey, 30 Nov 2021
Just as enjoyable the second time seeing it!
Energetic, lots of laughs and well acted. Enjoyed each minute of the show.
Alan, 24 Nov 2021
Crazy must see!
Jan, 23 Nov 2021
Great dialogue and very suspenseful! Loved every minute.
Would go and and see this again In a heartbeat. Really kept you guessing and made me jump a few times! The acting was brilliant and I can’t imagine anyone else playing the characters.
Emma, 21 Aug 2021
Cried with laughter!
This was the funniest show I've ever seen. So clever, totally irreverent and risqué but I literally cried with laughter. Not for the shockable types!
Sarah, 23 Jan 2014
Adult show
This show was well staged well acted well danced and well sung. It was extremely funny but was adult humour and very in PC. Not one for granny or children
Claire, 09 Nov 2013
the mormon show
very funny but very slick. Good timing. Nothing could beat the first impact of Mormons singing and dancing
ruth, 22 Aug 2013
Totally Amazing!!!!
Wonderfully written show, amazing acting, flawless movement. Hillarious! Highly recommended!
Louis, 20 Jul 2013
Hilarious but not for the easily offended!!
Camp as a row of tents, absolutely hilarious, completely irreverent, racist stereotyping, clever, entertaining and a breath of fresh air!! Not for anyone who takes themselves or their religion too seriously - naughty words, bad taste, anti almost everything except Disney. Don't take too seriously but don't go if you are straight laced!
, 03 May 2013