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The Book of Mormon - From the creators of South Park
An unstoppable hit. Damnably clever and sharp.
It’s the hit of the year. Surprising, beguiling absurdity, and daring at every level.
The most talked about show in London. A blast of often goofy, sometimes glorious musical comic delight. This show is the real deal.
I absolutely loved it. Seriously inspired and absolutely uproarious.
The Book of Mormon is viciously funny. Spirited and refreshing; joyous and even cuddly. Its defining feature is a filthy irreverence – an infatuation with making fun of everything, including itself.
The most talked about show in London. A blast of often goofy, sometimes glorious musical comic delight. This show is the real deal.
I absolutely loved it. Seriously inspired and absolutely uproarious.
The Book of Mormon is viciously funny. Spirited and refreshing; joyous and even cuddly. Its defining feature is a filthy irreverence – an infatuation with making fun of everything, including itself.

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Monday, 15 November 2021

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Saturday, 2 November 2024

Running time
2hr 30min. Incl. 1 interval.

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The Book of Mormon

You like your musical comedy edgy. You love anything outrageous. And you're a sucker for satire. This is no show for kids. It's grown up stuff. And it's bang-on hilarious. It pokes marvellous fun at organised religion, the economy, consumerism. You name it, it comes in for a highly satisfying pasting. It even takes the mickey out of the musical theatre genre itself. Now that's what we call brave!

Then again Robert Lopez is no stranger to controversy. He co-wrote the score and lyrics of the scandalous 2003 puppet musical Avenue Q, a piece that genuinely shocked some audiences and outraged the popular press.

Dreamed up by the talented Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone, the creators of the smash hit cartoon TV series South Park, the musical reveals the story of two young Mormon missionaries dispatched to a small town in Uganda to spread the word of their church and its Latter Day Saints. The innocent pair are truly shocked at the cultural differences between home and Africa and things get very scary indeed when a powerful War Lord threatens violence. The missionaries do their best to share their scriptures with the locals, but famine, poverty and AIDS take precedence and the pair end up battling their own beliefs in an attempt to drive change.

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Young Couples:

Hilariously funny
Not for the easily offended but if you have a wicked sense of humour then you’ll enjoy it.
Elizabeth, 21 Jun 2024
never laughed so hard!
just when you thought the laughter had stopped, they crack yet another joke. love the use of satire and the casualness of the show really increases the humour.
Sofia, 21 Jun 2024
Laugh out loud entertainment. Don’t Miss!
Book of Mormon was outstanding. From the opening number right through to the closing bows. The acting, dancing, comedic timing, sets & lighting were all fantastic and never missed a mark. Highly recommend! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Emma, 19 Jun 2024
Funny, smart, outrageous
Such a great show outrageously funny all performers were exceptional with great energy
Ray, 17 Jun 2024
Wonderfull experience. whit a Cherry on top
A wonderfull show. great actors and great humor. i came whit expectations sky high. and you manage to break my expectations several times. would recommend. to all my friends and familily. the Cherry on top was the fact that my wife was on crutches. and walking badly. and your Star Employe at the event was Braxdon(i think its spelled that way) who helped and assisted above and beyond. getting to and from bathrooms. finding the seats and that our crutches was held aside and was avaliable when needed. that employe need a golden star.
Katrine, 13 Jun 2024
Simply Stunning
Matt and Tray have written a truly hilarious, absolutely punk rock theatrical masterpiece. Frog fucking will never be the same again
Alex, 11 Jun 2024
Creative, funny
It was funny!
Barbara, 07 Jun 2024
Unashamedly irreverent!
Proper ‘Laugh out Loud’ moments all way through the show. Not for anyone who disapproves of profanity though! Very clever writing though, it may take a side-swipe at religion but ultimately, the shows message is one of hope and understanding.
Sian, 02 Jun 2024
This is a very funny show
Be prepared to be offended on behalf of nearly every religious belief. Be prepared for plenty of swearing and pretty gross imagery. Then sit back and enjoy a hilarious, well written and fantastically entertaining show. Music, lyrics, dialogue all incredibly well done. Not for kids or the easily offended but a great night out for anyone wanting a good laugh.
John, 01 Jun 2024
Inventive show
We enjoyed the show. The cast were amazing. Lovely theatre. Not a laugh out loud experience I was hoping for, rather a few chuckles here and there. But worth a look.
Keith, 31 May 2024
We were very dubious about going to see this show but our children convinced us! So glad they did, a fantastic cast and such energy !
Sue, 29 May 2024
Comical and clever
The Book of Mormon has a clever and comical story line and lyrics. Very well done, fantastic voices and fast paced.
Peter, 28 May 2024
Exceeded our expectations. So much talent!
The only complaint was the short intermission. The writing, acting and vocals were phenomenal. Seats were great. All yielding a wonderful experience.
Richard, 23 May 2024
Seriously funny and irreverent. Shocking, tender and wildly creative. Talented multi- faceted performers. Great music but way too loud!!! Wished I had earplugs.
Valerie, 22 May 2024
Colourful show
Truly irreverent and funny. Loved it!
Federica, 21 May 2024
I enjoyed the play but I do not believe in a god. Devoted churchgoers might be offended. I would not send my friend the Vicar.
Fred, 19 May 2024
A must see
Haven't laughed out loud at a comedy in ages. Main 3 characters superb.
Anne, 11 May 2024
Amazing show
Very funny, catchy songs, and nice to go beyond the boundaries
Rosemary, 10 May 2024
What a fantastic well put together show
Believe the hype. I have seen this show twice and it is quite frankly astonishingly hilarious. Highly recommended
Jamie, 04 May 2024
Clever and Thought provoking
This is the second time I’ve seen this musical. I had not heard the swearing so clearly last time - a little confronting (more alarming is, I had forgotten this). The cast was fantastic. The leads were all very believable! Energetic, entertaining, engaging- 100% professionals. The script is clever, slick and nuanced. A sub plot for me was about cultural superiority- and ‘believing’ the implausible. Well done.
Elizabeth, 04 May 2024
Brilliantly ireverant
Awesome show not laughed so much in along time brilliant over the top acting and singing
David, 02 May 2024
Excellent Show
Excellent show. Fantastic cast. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Would recommend it.
Gerardine, 30 Apr 2024
Absolutely brilliant laugh out loud show
Tracy, 27 Apr 2024
Love!!! Enjoy fully rude
3rd time I have watched this, if you are not woke and love a good piss take you will love this. Good for first time theatre goers who don’t like the cheesiness of some theatre.
Yasmine, 27 Apr 2024
So funny. Definitely recommend. Good humour and great acting
KATHLEEN, 26 Apr 2024
Too funny
Really enjoyed the raunchy comedy. This show handled a difficult subject with humour. The show was disrupted twice for fairly long times due to technical difficulties.
Mary Jane, 26 Apr 2024
Wildly entertaining
The performance was stopped a couple of times due to technical difficulties. A very short time the first time but a bit longer the second time. I think a lot of people welcomed the opportunity to use the toilet but I found it frustrating that second time. Nevertheless the show itself was hilarious, clever and the songs catchy, which made up for the disturbance. Well worth the trip to the swarming center
Guillaume, 26 Apr 2024
Jaw-dropping funny!!!
The most un-politically correct satire and musical theatre London has ever seen!! Jaw-droppingly hilarious!!
Raymond, 18 Apr 2024
I have never laughed so much. Brilliant and a great seat
Tracy, 16 Apr 2024
Well presented very funny ribald show
Very funny show, not for the devoutly religious minded. Lewd and full of swearing this is a brilliant laugh a minute production for the open minded. Although we were aware of the history of Mormons, it is actually slightly informative for those that aren’t and they will probably be somewhat amazed of the reality behind the “piss-taking” plot. Good music, funny songs, plenty of irony and thought-provoking plot sectors. We really enjoyed it.
Peter, 16 Apr 2024
Seriously a must see!.
One of the best shows I have seen in the last 10 years! Brilliant, original and funny musical. Really a must see!.
Hector, 13 Apr 2024
A colourful, eye opener.
Vibrant,fun,very funny. Definitely go if you're open minded. Loved every moment.
Kerry, 12 Apr 2024
Great show.
Great music and songs.Very funny,not for the easily offended.Overall a must see.
Richard, 11 Apr 2024
Brilliant and must see
Brilliant and must see show. Not laughed so much and very entertaining. Cast was fantastic.
Janet, 05 Apr 2024
Hilariously funny and wonderfully irreverent.
If you are easily offended this is not for you but if you want a good laugh and enjoy laughing at the absurdities life then definitely give this a go!
Linda, 04 Apr 2024
A hilarious brilliant show
It's the best musical I've ever seen! It's hilarious, the songs are catchy, the acting is great, the plot is unexpected - I loved every minute of it
Marina, 04 Apr 2024
Irreverent but hilarious
Great fun! A humorous take on religion and bible thumping - but there’s a message in there too. Well worth the expense.
Joanna, 28 Mar 2024
A must see!
Brilliant! Can't think of a better way to spend the evening! Never a dull moment, laughed all night, fabulous numbers!
Catherine, 26 Mar 2024
Not a theatre fan but this was brilliantly funny. Hate musicals but this genuinely made me laugh out loud repeatedly!
If you have to take your partner to a show but don’t want to go because you hate musicals singing dancing then this is the show for you!!!! It’s so funny the songs are all hilarious! It’s just fantastic!
Lee, 24 Mar 2024
Rauchy But Hilarious parody
If you’re not over sensitive and offended by religious overtones this production loaded with parody and extreme sexual content you will enjoy it.
Donald, 23 Mar 2024
Excellent show, but not for the easily offended.
I've seen this show several times now and enjoyed it every time. It still makes me laugh out loud. Yes, it has some swearing and rather irreverent references. But we know they're coming and accept it. Great show, loved it. Would see it again!!
Michael, 22 Mar 2024
Must see
Great music, clever lyrics, controversial in places, but a fantastic experience. Not to veryone's taste I assume ( boring folk) but I found it very, very funny.
Scott, 22 Mar 2024
Could I have laughed more? NO!!!
Music, singing and dancing performances, humour galore. If you don’t have a sense of humour, don’t see The Book of Mormon - if you do; get your butt in gear 😂 Being a tourist from Denmark I appologize for any misspelling.
Marianne Sichlau, 19 Mar 2024
Funny and entertaining
You need a broad sense of humour to enjoy this show but well worth seeing
Donal, 18 Mar 2024
A must see what will leave you wanting more
The show was amazing, it was funny from the offset and it had you in tears. The funniest show i have ever seen.
Carlie simone, 17 Mar 2024
Hilariously funny!
Honestly the best and funniest show I think I've ever seen, absolutely amazing and I highly reccomend anyone to watch! 10/10
Tarkan, 13 Mar 2024
Storyline was excellent with strong voices from all the artists concerned. It was hilarious.😂🤣😂 Even though there was strong language, I still enjoyed the performance.
Edison, 06 Mar 2024
Splendid, original story and a must see
I didn't know really what to expect, and I was simply astonished by the story, the voices, the music , the dance, it was areal disconnection and real pleasure to taste art at its best!
Christine, 06 Mar 2024
Great show!
Only thing that bothered me was the time it took to get out of our seats to the bar (just to pick up our pre-ordered drinks) and toilet (long queues always). For this the intermission was too short! No time to drink at all. Even 5 minutes more would have been nice.
Catharina, 05 Mar 2024
Clever and thought provoking. Entertaining and energetic.
Annei, 01 Mar 2024
Something a bit different
Lived the show... Really different from what I've been used to... Funny, well written and very entertaining
Rachel, 24 Feb 2024
Good show
ferhat, 12 Feb 2024
Ready to go again
Missed a little of the left hand of stage but didn’t take from overall enjoyment. Brilliant
Breda, 11 Feb 2024
A Musical, A Fun Night Out, The Book of Mormon
The show was brilliant, the acting, the storyline, the production. I realised at the intermission that I had been smiling throughout the first half of the show! The comedy can be attributed to south park humour, as you can imagine with the producers of the show being THE gents that wrote south park, if you like that (which I do) it's well worth the watch. Either way, if you like a laugh which goes hand in hand with a musical aspect, this is for you!
Callum, 08 Feb 2024
Great production, hilarious although be warned the story is full of swearing and blasphemous content.
Sieglinde, 04 Feb 2024
Great fun
We enjoyed the show very much. It was a great production, highly recommended.
Arta, 02 Feb 2024
Couldn't stop smiling
Very funny and entertaining.
Andrew, 28 Jan 2024
One of the most funniest shows I’ve seen in a long time
Janice, 21 Jan 2024
Wonderful Show
Went to see the show on a recommendation and wasn't disappointed, exceptional.
Gary, 20 Jan 2024
Spot on
I'm 55 first show in London I've ever been to. Couldn't of asked for more everything about it was brilliant ?. Big up to all involved, spot on thank you fir s great day
Pat, 19 Jan 2024
Marvelously presented, hilarious, awesome time had!
Brilliant show. ? great customer service at bar and entrance, a wonderful experience all round 10/10 !!
Bronwyn, 18 Jan 2024
Funny, colourful
Show was fun, colourful, and lovely from start to finish. Great eating by all.
Catriona, 17 Jan 2024
Incredible Show!
Incredible performances highlighted by unforgettable music. Enjoyed every minute of the experience!
Lanny, 16 Jan 2024
All we knew was it was really funny and told ourselves as long as it’s not a musical…. It was BUT not like any musical I’ve seen the song and dance was hilarious ? Loved it! Best bit Magical Fuck Frog and can’t wait to be baptised again ?
Dee, 15 Jan 2024
Fantastic, would definitely recommend
Mark, 07 Jan 2024
Very very good, full of energy with just general all round excellence. Can see why lot of people been more than once
Charles, 04 Jan 2024
Really good fun - brilliantly rude and sweet at the same time.
Ben, 31 Dec 2023
the best show i have ever seen totally engaging
so energetic kept me on the edge of my seat not suitable for children, so entertaining
Jill, 22 Dec 2023
An absolute mind-melting experience
This show is fabulous. The acting, singing, dancing, set design and music is phenomenal. Some of the jokes and subject matter will stir emotions (positive and potentially negative) and will test you (as any good show should). Thank you for a brilliant night.
Helen, 16 Dec 2023
So wrong and very funny.....I bloody loved it! I need to see this again as haven't laughed that much watching a show ever.
Carol, 03 Dec 2023
hilarious comedy pleasantly irreverent towards puritanism
very well played, a little strong language but quite necessary for the scope, I enjoyed it very much
Massimo, 03 Dec 2023
So Well Done
Full of laughs! A bit raunchy but all in good fun. The cast is so talented!
Julie, 01 Dec 2023
Colorful, occasionally dirty language, hilarious, awesome
Language and story is sometimes 18+ but nothing inappropriate. The show has high artistic value with excellent scenery. I laughed a lot.
Gabor, 01 Dec 2023
The funniest show on the West End
We laughed the whole time! Fantastic cast, fantastic songs and choreography. A really fun evening out.
Carol Ann, 01 Dec 2023
OK show but expected a better story
A typical people pleaser who are more interested in a quick laugh than a good story. It's Parker and Stone but some jokes were rather tasteless, not funny at all. Acting, scenography,music all good but again story lacking quite a bit. I saw many shows in London that I would gladly see again and again - this one was definitely not one of them. Ok to see one time and that's it.
Izabela, 27 Nov 2023
Amazing show
Wonderfully inappropriate! I love love loved it!
Zoe, 24 Nov 2023
Very funny ?
It was very funny,the actors were great ang have a good energy. It was a very pleasant moment.
Valérie, 24 Nov 2023
Christina, 17 Nov 2023
Must see but you need to be open minded
not a show for the prudes or the politically correct people of the world but very funny!! Worth seeing :)
Suzanna, 16 Nov 2023
Very entertaining
Wonderful show and very hilarious. I enjoyed it especially the music
Christine, 07 Nov 2023
Magnificently irreverent
A rib- achingly funny show.
Alex, 06 Nov 2023
Excellent laugh out loud funny
Brilliant from start to finish. Funny enough to make us laugh out loud. Amazing acting, singing and dancing. The best thing we’ve seen for ages. But only suitable for adults!
Judy, 02 Nov 2023
Do yourself a favour and go.
Great show, brilliant performance by all involved. Music and humour masking the seriousness of poverty and human rights abuses facing people in Africa. Takes the piss out of religions of all types.
Shayne, 21 Oct 2023
Best thing I've seen in forever
Funny, so so funny, I laughed out loud and enjoyed every second of it.
Gabriella, 18 Oct 2023
Overwhelmingly energetic, funny and original.
As a Dutch visitor I can recommend the show to any Dutchman with a reasonable command of the English language. And should one miss a word the energy, the lighting, the decor all more than makes up for that.
Hans, 18 Oct 2023
A must see.
Absolutely wonderful show. Fantastic singing and acting. Lots of laughs. Didn't expect it to be that good.
Lynley, 18 Oct 2023
A definite must see
From the moment the curtain came up and the first actor said Hello I knew this was going to be you are one of these people who are offended by the piss take of any religion, then this is not for you. But for me & it seemed the rest of the audience it was hilarious. The acting was outstanding, the songs were really good & catchy but the story was just so clever. Anyone that has ever had a Mormon on their front door step will understand. I definitely go to this again. Just a slight whinge at the theatre, not the show itself, there are only 5 ladies toilets for the whole of the theatre. Not ideal at all, especially at the interval when everyone wants to go. It was ridiculous. Also, the bar does not take cash anymore, just to let you know. Great show, really enjoyed it.
Rachel, 16 Oct 2023
Absolutely Hilarious
Good story line and very funny. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even my partner who is not a theatre goer, said he liked it.
Sarah Wadzanai, 16 Oct 2023
Colourful fun and racy
Amazing show, fabulous constumes and a really good watch if you have an open mind
Amanda, 14 Oct 2023
Great theatre if a bit irreverent
Great energy, excellent story line. Do not take it too seriously, sit back and enjoy.
Lloyd, 13 Oct 2023
Insanely funny and recognisably from the creators of South Park
Matt, 11 Oct 2023
Colourful but explicit
I enjoyed this show but was somewhat surprised by some of the content. While I was not bothered I hope the show comes with warnings that it is not a family show (sex with babies, female circumcision, anal sex).
Nanette, 06 Oct 2023
Was not expecting something like this
I was aware about the theme of the play but lord, I was not prepare for what I witness. Very very funny and sassy, had an amazing time. Thank you for all the cast and the team I really enjoy the play.
Gonzalo, 02 Oct 2023
So much fun
The show was fun and was so much better than I expected. Would recommend to anyone.
Mary, 25 Sep 2023
Been back several times over the years. So funny. Not for little kids or the super religious but great for anyone who enjoys South Park humor.
Kimberly, 22 Sep 2023
A great night out
Not for the young or prudish
Oliver, 15 Sep 2023
Truthful hilarity, no PC here!
Religion is hammered so don't take it too seriously. It's more about having fun with a few facts. Will get you talking about it for a few days afterwards. Listen hard to the lyrics to get the most out of the gags. Enjoy?
Diana, 05 Sep 2023
Joyous, happy show
This show started with a bang then continued the humour, music and dancing till the end. Still smiling the day after. All cast me,hers exception and amazing. Why did I not see this production sooner?
Noreen, 31 Aug 2023
Riotously funny
Extremely funny show. Loved every scene and song choice.
Emike, 26 Aug 2023
Entertainment at its Best
Suspend any pc beliefs you have for 2 hours and have the time of your life What could possibly beat this, The I Pad,of Scientology, maybe !
Phil, 25 Aug 2023